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Thank You for the Feedback

2010 September 10
by camillaellis

I received this letter from a participant in my Toxins talk…

Dear Camilla,

I came along to your recent lecture on ‘toxins’ & I found the talk excellent.

It opened up my eyes to the world of toxins and beyond and I became aware how little time we actively think about this issue and equally how changes in our behaviour can make a difference.

The talk highlighted the damage toxins can cause and how it can severely effect our health.

The everyday examples were ideal in bringing home the realities of toxins in our everyday lives.

The examples gave me food for thought, such as the use of pesticides and other chemicals in the production of food,

the use of aluminium and teflon  pans, cling-film, plastic utensils and food containers, the use of drugs in for farm animals and their effects on the animals and further down the human food chain.

As I’m writing to you I have come across the front page of the Metro today and the article on harmful chemicals used in the manufacture of plastic food containers and the affect it is having on fertility. Have you seen the article ?

Overall, the talk gave a picture of a world in desperate need of change and that individual efforts and changes can collectively lead to greater change and we can all play a part in making that change for a better and healthier world for all of us. We need to build a culture of awareness and respect for fellow human beings and our relationship with nature and the world we live in. We need to re-evaluate and change our values and learn to share the world we live in with ‘mother nature’.

I would like to mention a process for a healthier life next time I write. Its quite interesting. I would also certainly be interested in attending any future talks.

Kind regards,


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