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A little miracle just happened!

2011 March 14
by camillaellis

Today I feel compelled to tell you a fantastic story that has just happened in my life!  You all may have met Cato, my 4 legged companion, and if you haven’t then you have missed out.  Cato is 4 years old; actually he is turning 4 in 2 weeks.  Cato has had stomach and GUT problems since he was around 1-2 years old, I take him to a natural vet and their only response is that he has a virus because he throws up regularly.  Cato over the last year has also had an aggression problem towards other dogs, only randomly but he has gotten into big fights, he is a boxer too so it sounds and looks terrible.  I have had my trainer back to help me with his aggression; it has helped but hadn’t completely gone away.  The aggression and the throwing up have been concerning me and have felt as though there are no answers.  In regard to humans I would be able to deal with the throwing up issue but because I don’t know animal nutrition I have felt reluctant to give him tablets incase they wouldn’t be good for him.  He has a good organic raw food diet so I never thought he was having an issue with his food, and besides, this throwing up was so random, there was no pattern to it.  I decided I needed to start looking at him from a client practitioner level, what would I do? I thought! Well, I would start with food sensitivities; I found out that he is sensitive to chicken and venison.  I took him off those foods and instantly the throwing up has stopped but best of all, all his aggression has gone, its been over a month now and I keep thinking that he will still have a go at dogs, but nothing, even when they are harassing him and I think he should.  I have my beautiful playful loving dog again.  It goes to show that when animals are uncomfortable they too can feel weak and vulnerable.  I used surrogate muscle testing to find out his food sensitives, is there an animal that you have or may know that could be suffering too?


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  1. December 11, 2011

    Your article perfectly shows what I needed to know, tahnks!

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