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How Safe is Our Drinking Water?

2010 September 28

The water company leads us to believe that our water is safe, but just how safe is our water and what is our (as oppose to their) definition of safe?

Do you know that the water we use gets reused five times before it’s let out to sea, and that we have chemical water plants that kill off a lot of the problems… but do they?  Tap water contains nitrates, trihalomethanes, lead and aluminium which are toxic to our bodies and are known to cause cancer and neurological conditions.

In the UK and US the levels of toxins in our water exceeds safety limits.  Another major concern is the amount of pharmaceutical drugs that end up in our water supply, especially the contraceptive pill.   The chemicals that they add to the water to kill off the ‘contaminants’ is chlorine. In a 2002 report done by the US Geological Service they discovered that the water supplies have microbial and viral contaminants, pharmaceuticals and hormones which the chlorine did not obviously get rid of; it’s still in our water.

However chlorine is still toxic to us, studies have shown that it can cause cancer such as colorectal and pancreatic and slight increase in brain cancer.  Strongest link is with bladder cancer and studies also show that it’s linked with miscarriages.  They also add fluoride, which causes dental florosis, a weakening of the tooth and bone.  So you may think that ‘I filter my water and drink bottled water’ but how safe is that? Even though you may have alternatives for your drinking water, what about the water you bath in, the skin is a porous surface so contaminates still get in.

How safe is bottle water?  Recent research shows that bottled water is not all its made out to be, there are still contaminates in that and what’s worst the government hasn’t legislated that they need to write and tell you what’s in their water, they are allowed to add fluoride without it being law to tell you.  In 1999 the NRDC (National Resources Defence Council) did a report on the bottled water industry in the US, they found that 35 out of the 103 brands had contaminations, many had ‘bacterial overgrowth’, others had high levels of arsenic, chloroform, trihalomethanes or fluoride, some had high levels of arsenic and phthalates that aren’t even allowed in tap water.

If you use plastic bottles just how safe is plastic for us?  Plastic bottles leach BPAs that are known carcinogens, they also have a long shelf life, and the longer the water is in there the longer the contamination from BPAs, how was the water stored?  We all know that heat causes the BPAs to leach more into the water so if it is stored in a warm place before its been put in the fridge just how much is now in the water.

Parasites can be in the local water, this is what has lead me to write this article. A client of mine couldn’t get rid of her parasites so I started to think there must be a continual infestation from somewhere, so I thought how about the water!  She bought her water in from home but also bought in her bottled water that she had been drinking.  With the muscles testing and using homeopathic vials that I use we found that there were indeed parasites in the local water and she only uses that water to bath in and brush her teeth, she stopped brushing her teeth with that water and within 2 days the parasites were gone out of her body and she felt instantly better but what was more alarming was we decided to test the bottled water and the test through muscle testing showed that there was arsenic in the water.

Thames water tested this and it was within the normal limits but my client was sensitive to it and for her it was not ok limits.  She now stop drinking that water and  she got 4 glass bottles of water and only 2 out of the 4 tested ok for her, that’s 50% of the glass bottled water that was ok for her- not good odds.  This client was upset with Thames water and got them out to test the water, they don’t have a test for parasites so that was inconclusive.

So how many of you are still drinking bottled water and not filtering it?  My recommendation is to install a water filtering system where the water enters your house you can get one for around £300.  A report returned from Thames water doesn’t actually test for any metals, drugs, parasites or hormones, it only tests for e.coli. So I ask you, just how safe is our water?

Do this simple parasite test to determine if you have a problem.

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