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Contaminates in your water causing hormone dysfunctions!

2012 February 2
by camillaellis

There are around 3,000 pharmaceutical drugs in common use that ends up in your water supply.  These include:

  • Cold medications  
  • Cholesterol drugs
  • Antidepressants
  • Birth control pills
  • Heart medications
  • Antibiotics
  • And highly, highly toxic chemotherapy drug

Residues of these drugs pass out from the thousands upon thousands of people that use these drugs into the sewage system from urine, fecal matter, and even from your sink after you rinse out your dispensing cup. Not only are pharmaceutical drugs in the water but also the residues from the shampoos, soaps and lotions that wash off when you bathe or shower — or an entire world of pesticides and herbicides that get into your water system.

This water gets recycled into your water supply without being completely treated and all toxins removed.  In London the water is recycled 7 times before it leaves the pipes and back in to the sea.  If it’s not back complete into your water supply it goes into rivers and the sea and affects the animals living in it.


In a 2006 U.S. Geological Survey large numbers of small mouth bass in the Potomac River were found to be abnormally inter-sexed. That is, the same fish displayed both male and female sexual characteristics from the hormones floating in your water system.1  Also in a 2007 study out of Canada they found that male fish were being feminized by the traces of birth control pills that made their way into lakes and streams.2  If its having an effect on fish what type of effect do you think it will have on you?

In England and Wales there was a study that displayed a doubling in the frequency of undescended testis in 1962-81.3  Another study found that the age of puberty in young girls keeps dropping year by year.4 the average age use to be 15 years now its 7-8 years, with more and more girls showing signs of puberty as early as age three!! 5

The affinity of pharmaceutical drugs to humans is of particular concern because they readily are absorbed in your system.  They are designed to specifically react with human tissue even trace amounts in your water can have an effect, not only from drinking but also the water that’s absorbed in your skin from bathing.

Research from the BMJ Open last year suggests that the synthetic estrogen from oral contraceptives in our environment is linked to the rising rate of prostate cancer. 6  This study showed that statistically there could be a strong relationship as the countries where the oral contraceptive use is rising so too is prostate cancer.  Researchers compared the common use of contraceptives from intrauterine devices, condoms, vaginal barriers, and the pill as they were used in 87 different countries. They then compared the usage of those contraceptives against the incidence and mortality rates from prostate cancer.  While the amount of estrogen excreted by any single individual is extremely small, “when millions of women are doing it and for a long period of time, it may cause low environmental estrogen levels,” Dr. Margel explained who is an urologist.  This is only a preliminary study, more conclusive tests need to be analysed however this is a big concern.


As the researchers said, “We think further research is needed to explore both oral contraceptives, but also other estrogenic compounds that may contaminate our environment and may cause and increase the incidence and mortality from prostate cancer.”


The government and other institutions are going to take years to really see the devastating effects of this contaminated water they you all readily drink, more research like this is going to have to occur with more alarming rates before anything will be done, therefore you have to start taking action yourself.  You can do this by filtering your own water, best to get an all house plumbed in system that filters all the water that comes to your house, it is really easy to install, a local plumber can do it in about 1 hour, or at least get a good drinking water filter and Brita only take out the chlorine not the hormones, drugs, pesticides and toxic metals.


You can get your water filters here.


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