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Toxins affecting hormones

2012 May 16
by camillaellis

With infertility on the increase, man breasts increased and more sexual disorders, there has been common knowledge that our lifestyle and our environmental toxins are a part of this, however there has been new research in the ‘Journal of Applied Toxicology’ has raised concerns about the dangers of hormone-mimicking preservatives found in thousands of consumer products.

Parabens are an estrogen mimicking chemical used in drugs, foods and cosmetics may have a role in breast cancer and childhood disease.  A research paper published in March 2012 discovered 5 paraben esters in human breast tissue from 40 mastectomies from women with primary breast cancer.  This report revealed: 

  • The esters found entered the breast tissue through a dermal route of exposure, meaning through the skin, therefore products such as deodorants and skin care products.
  • These parabens were up to 1 million times higher than the normal estrogen levels that are found in breast tissue.
  • Propylparaben are highest in the underarm area where deodorants are used and breast cancer more prevalent. 

The potency of parabens estrogenic properties are lower than estradiol (E2) naturally found within the body, however because of the magnitude of quantities found within the breast tissue this more than makes up for its low potency, still making it highly toxic.

Also within the study they stated that: “For exposures in children, concern has already been raised that ‘the estrogenic burden of parabens and their metabolites in blood may exceed the action of endogenous estradiol in childhood and the safety margin for propylparaben is very low when comparing worst-case exposure’ (Boberg et al., 2010).”  Therefore synthetic hormones may be preventing the activity of naturally produced hormones in children, this is of concern because 99.1% of the US populations children urine sample contain methylparaben.

In Eurpoe they have restricted the use of parabens to .4% volume, in the US it is not as strict, levels of up to 25% can be found.  Parabens are also FDA-approved to use as food preservatives.

The mere fact that parabens do cause harm, even though the amount of use in limited within each product, the continual use of this product over time, builds up within your system, also the fact that using a combination of products with parabens in it, there is no control of the amount that you could use.  Therefore I recommend not using ANY products with parabens in it, why take the chance with breast cancer on the increase and new statistics on cancer says 1 in 3 people will get cancer at some stage in your life, why take the risk?

What you can do:

  • Use natural organic products for deodorants
  • Use natural organic skin care products ranging from soaps, to moisturisers
  • Don’t buy processed food

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