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Is organic everything its made out to be?

2015 May 13
by camillaellis



When it comes to buying food that has the right nutrition for you and your family, how important is it to be organic?  I get asked this question a lot and recently I researched just how much nutritional value is there in organic food when compared to non-organic food and the results will surprise you!  Before we get to there, what is organic farming and what constitutes a food product being called organic?  Here are the guidelines from the soil association who inspect the farms and certify them, giving them organic classification and the symbol:


So if you are buying organic food you need to look for the symbol shown which means it has been certified.  In organic farming there are some conditions:

  • No artificial chemical fertilizers are allowed – farmers rotate the stock and crops to allow the soil to become fertile and add organic matter such as compost or manure and using clover for the nitrogen.
  • Pesticides are restricted – farmers use nutrient rich soil for the crops to be robust and encourage wildlife to do their job in controlling pests
  • Animals are free-ranged
  • Rotating the crops and stocks breaks the cycles of pests and disease and builds fertility in the soil
  • Drugs, antibiotics and wormers are banned as a routine and will use preventative measures
  • Genetically modified (GM) crops and ingredients are banned.


If you are buying already put together organic food, in order for them to be labeled organic at least 95% of the ingredients have to come from organically produced plants and animals and must be certified by the soil association certification.


Here is the chart on the difference between organic and non-organic.


Yes I do advise that eating organic is the most important thing you can do for your health.  You could be having a ‘healthy’ diet by eating your vegetables and fruits but if they are filled with pesticides and toxins or are GMO then you are poisoning your body, you will also be missing out on all the important vitamins and minerals that your body needs for good heath.


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  2. Organic chart – research by Firman E Bear at Rutgers University in the Natural Gardeners Catalog (1995).



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