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Are environmentally friendly cleaning products as healthy as you think?

2015 June 18
by camillaellis

When it comes to choosing the right products we put faith into the environmentally friendly companies and assume that all their products are safe – NOT SO!

The ewg, which stands for ‘The Environmental Working Group’ can be found here  They are a group determined to for people to have healthier lives and a healthier envieonment by screening the products being sold.  They rate products from A to F, A being the healthiest and F being the most dangerous as far as cancerous and damaging the environment.  Looking at their conclusions on the products I myself have been surprised, below I have listed the good choice for the common cleaning products that are used.


To summarise ecover have come out the best with their only lowest score a C and on only 2 products.  Method have come out the worst with scores as low as F and only 3 best products with a B, they had no A products.  Earth friendly had 13 ok products but with 17 products ranging from C-F.


Rinse Aid A Daily shower spray, ylang ylang B
Dishwasher powder B Wood for good daily clean (not to confuse with wood for good surface cleaner B
Laundry powder B All-purpose surface cleaner, ginger yuzu B
Bathroom cleaner B
Glass and surface cleaner B EARTH FRIENDLY
Cream scrub A Earth enzyme drain opener B
Dsihwasher tablet B Floor cleaner B
Floor soap B Shower cleaner A
Laundry wash B Everyday satin and odor remover A
Fabric softener morning fresh B Concentrated carpet shampoo with bergamot and sage A
Non-Chlorine bleach powder A OXO brite non-chlorine bleach A
Limescale remover B Wave auto dishwasher gel organic lavender A
Washing liquid, delicate wash B Stone countertop cleaner, natural parsley B
Dishwashing liquid, chamomile and marigold B Toilet cleaner, natural cedar scent A
Dishwashing liquid grapefruit and green tea B Wave auto dishwasher gel, free and clear A
Toilet bowl cleaner B Uni-fresh air freshener, cinnamon scent B
Dishwashing liquid, lemon and aloe vera B Parsley plus kitchen and bathroom cleaner B
All purpose cleaner B Orange plus all purpose everyday cleaner A
Limescale remover B Uni-fresh air freshener, vanilla scent A
Washing liquid, delicate wash B



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